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1. Hirschman’s Diggins’ was (a) a hydraulic gold mine, (b) a deep quartz mine or (c) the largest coyote hotel.

2. The Scotia Mine was located in (a) North San Juan (b) You Bet or (c) Grass Valley.

3. The Golden Center was (a) the place where miners exchanged gold dust for cash, (b) a banking house in Nevada City or (c) a quartz gold mine in Grass Valley.

4. The term “high grade” means which of the following: (a) to take home gold samples from the mine without permission, (b) very rich specimen gold or (c) a steep underground shaft leading to an upper level.

5. Which of the following was not a gold mining method: (a) ground sluicing, (b) panning or (c) dredging.


1. (a) Hirschman’s Diggins’ was a hydraulic mining operation about a mile west of Nevada City and north of Highway 49. Today there is a large pond formed by the sink created by the 19th century hydraulic operation. It is, of course, called Hirschman’s Pond.

2. (c) West of Grass Valley and south of Rough and Ready Highway.

3. (c) The Golden Center Mine was roughly where the Golden Center Freeway passes the Grass Valley Safeway store.

4. (a) and (b) are correct: (a) is a verb, to high grade gold, and (b) is a noun, gold of a very high grade.

5. All are methods of gold mining: (a) and (b) are primitive, inefficient and low yielding, while (c) was a fair producer but environmentally unsound.

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