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For the benefit of our newer residents, let’s revisit some previous brain teasers:

1. The name Donner Lake commemorates that ill-fated group. What was its former name? (a) Lake Bigler, (b) Lake of the Woods or (c) Truckee Lake.

2. Independence Lake was named on July 4, 1853, by (a) Lola Montez, (b) John R. Ridge or (c) Ina Coolbrith.

3. In the November 1856 presidential election, Nevada City polled 2,081 votes. This number was the (a) third, (b) second or (c) fifth highest number in California.

4. The deepest gold line in the county was: (a) Empire, (b) Golden Center or (c) North Star.

5. Josiah Royce, the eminent 19th-century philosopher and Grass Valley native, was a professor at (a) Yale, (b) Harvard or (c) Texas A&M.


1. (c) Truckee Lake. Lake Bigler is the former name of what later became Lake Tahoe and Lake of the Woods is made up.

2. (a) Lola Montez. The Divine Lola was on a camping trip to the high country and was afforded the honor.

3. (a) Third. Only San Francisco and Sacramento cast more votes. The “cow counties” to the south (e.g., Los Angeles) were just that. Cattle roamed everywhere, outnumbering people until the great influx from the east and midwest beginning in the 1870s.

4. (c) North Star’s central shaft descended vertically 3,000 feet while incline shaft extensions and winzes (a steep incline passage connecting two working level shafts) reached a depth of 10,500 feet from the earth’s surface.

5. (b) Harvard. Royce was a professor of philosophy until his death in 1916. The family home stood on the site of the present day Grass Valley Library.

Bob Wyckoff

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