Through The Years |

Through The Years

A timeline of Grass Valley and Nevada City high school football.

1901″First time Nevada City High School “Gold and Purple” play Grass Valley High School Miners

1905″Lack of any recorded games against Grass Valley indicate that NCHS did not field a football team this year because of community disapproval of excessive injuries the year before.

1910-1919″GVHS, NCHS drop football programs to field rugby squads instead

1912″GVHS won the Placer and Nevada County championship

1920″NCHS fails to field either a rugby or football squad

1921″Football returns to NCHS with two games scheduled against GVHS

1922″NCHS entered the Central B Division of the California Interscholastic Federation and GVHS, who had entered the league in 1921 was moved up to the A Division midseason due to their early success

1923 ” First reference to GVHS team earning the nickname “the Fighting Miners.”

1925″GVHS fields A and B football teams

1926-1932″NCHS dropped its football program for reasons still unclear

1927″GVHS fields a B class team only and won one game the entire season

1928-1929″GVHS does not form a football squad

1930″a scrimmage is played between a group of NCHS students eager to play football and GVHS

1932″NCHS football is resurrected and coached by Beverly Crocker Barron who played football at College of the Pacific (now called the University of the Pacific); Coach Bill Wilson is the new coach at GVHS

1933″The Yellowjackets becomes the official mascot of NCHS sports teams

1934″Sierra Foothill League establishes a “B” league for teams whose average weight was between 140 and 150 pounds

1935″NCHS claimed the SFL B Championship by defeating Grant Union High B Team 19-12

1936 ” GVHS goes 4-0 under Bill Wilson, beats Grant 6-0 for the first Sierra Foothill League championship

1937″GVHS fields a “lightweight” team in addition to an A team for the first year with legendary Art Hooper as its coach; first year the Big Game is moved up to Armistice Day

1938″Frank P. Martin is the new coach of the Yellowjackets and brings a single-wing formation that he learned while playing for USC when its football team on the National Championships and their Rose Bowl contests in 1931 and 1932.

1941″NCHS and GVHS tie on Armistice Day

1946″GVHS goes 5-0 under Art Hooper for the SFL championship

1950″For the first time ever, NCHS “B” team defeats GVHS “B” team

1952″NCHS and GVHS consolidated to form Nevada Union High School

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