Think you know it all? Try playing this trivia game |

Think you know it all? Try playing this trivia game

If playing games, especially trivia, is your thing, Rick Tracewell invites you to play his version of this popular game Wednesday nights at the Holiday Cabaret on in Grass Valley.

Says Tracewell, “We encourage teams of four to join, but you can play with less or be put with others to create a team of four. The $3 cover goes into a pot that is split between the three teams with the highest score. The trivia contest is made up of four rounds with 15 questions in each round, plus a bonus round of five questions.”

Rick does this all from his laptop. He writes the trivia and produces the graphics from his Powerbook. Then he hosts the show. Unbelievably, each show takes between eight and 14 hours to produce.

“The people who have been coming absolutely love it,” he says. “The thing I hear the most is that it’s just like being on a game show.”

See an example of what he can do on this page. He also has recurring theme questions such as “Let’s Talk About Sex,” “Word Up” (dictionary questions), “Where In Nevada County??” (“I show a photo of a place in the county and they have to figure out where it is”) and “Name The Hair Band” (“I play a clip of an ’80s-’90s hair band and they have to name the band”).

WHAT: Trivia Contest

WHEN: Every Wednesday, starting at 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Holiday Cabaret, 1255 E. Main St., Grass Valley

ADMISSION: $3 cover per person (free to nontrivia participants)

INFORMATION: 272-6466;;

Test your trivia skill

1) In 1979, Sony introduced a portable music player that eventually became the Sony Walkman. What was the original name in 1979? A) Walkabout B) Soundabout C) Music Man.

2) Is each colored piece of Froot Loops cereal a different color? Yes or No.

3) What are the only two planets in our solar system without moons? A) Mercury and Venus; B) Venus and Mars; C) Uranus and Neptune; or D) Neptune and Pluto.

4) If George Washington was the first U.S. president, which president was William Blythe IV?

5) What South American country is named after an Italian city?

6) What did Buddha receive when he was 29? A) A silver medallion; B) a jeweled crown; C) a vision; D) a Malibu Barbie; E) permission from his father to become a monk; or F) rollerblades.

7) A) I once wore a blue and gold uniform. B) I could have been nicknamed “Big Sky.” C) I wear a lot of jewelry. D) I am retired. Who the heck am I?

8) What does “diatribe” (noun) mean? A) criticism; B) lengthy letter; C) exclusive club; or D) ancient curse.

9) What does the Academy Award statue (Oscar) hold in his hands? A) a microphone; B) a film reel; C) a box of JuJuBes; D) a sword; or E) a severed head.

10) If they formed a law firm, it’d be called “Horwitz, Feinberg & Horwitz.” Who were they?

11) What animal rubs its hind legs against trees to attract females? A) cricket; B) grasshopper; C) deer; D) rabbit; or E) Colin Farrell.

12) What would you be doing if you were to be caught “filliping”?


1) C

2) Nope.

3) A

4) 42nd – William Jefferson Bly the IV’s father died before he was born. He then took on his stepfather’s name of Clinton.

5) Venezuela, which is Italian for “Little Venice.”

6) C

7) Joe Montana

8) A – A criticism, often bitter and accusing in nature.

9) D

10) The Three Stooges

11) C

12) Snapping your fingers.

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