The Polls are Open! |

The Polls are Open!

Polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm.

If you’re in line at 8 pm, you are allowed to vote even if you don’t get

to the voting booth until after 8 pm.

It’s important that you go to the correct polling place because each polling place has different types of ballots. If you live in Penn Valley, the Penn Valley Fire Measure will be on your ballot. If you live in Nevada City, the Nevada City fire measure will be on your ballot. If you try to vote at the wrong precinct, the pollworkers won’t have the correct type of ballot – and there are 94 different types in Nevada County for this election.

If you are registered to vote, you should have received a Sample Ballot Booklet (if you registered by October 7) or a Polling Place Notification postcard (if you registered by October 21) telling you where to vote on Election Day. If you did not receive either of those, then you are not registered correctly and should call the Elections Office.

If you received a Sample Ballot Booklet or Polling Place

Notification postcard and then lost it can look at the County’s web site

( and use the Polling Place Lookup feature to locate your polling place. However, that site cannot tell you if you are registered to vote, nor if you are registered at the correct address – only that a person who resides at a certain address would vote at a certain polling place IF they were registered correctly.

The Elections Office will release absentee ballot results at 8 :05 to

the web site (which is simultaneously shown on ‘s frontpage). At 8:30, they will release results from Nevada County’s nine mail ballot precincts.

There will be 1,000 to 1,500 ballots left to be counted at the end of

the night, even after we have counted the absentees and polling place ballots. Some people who receive an absentee ballot choose not to mail their voted ballot, but instead drop it off at the polls. We cannot count those on Election Night because we have to compare the signature of the voter on the Special Absentee Ballot return envelope to the signature on the voter’s Voter Registration Card on file in our office.

Other ballots we cannot count on Election Night are Provisional Ballots.

California Law allows each County Elections Office 28 days after the election before certifying final, official results.

Then all the candidates and measure opponents/proponents have three days to request a recount, if they choose to do so.

About write-ins:

At each polling place, taped to the table where voters get their ballots, there is a sheet of paper listing all Certified write-in candidates for that precinct.

In those two races in which there are certified write-in candidates, ballots must be hand-counted.

For more information about the election process visit the Nevada County Elections Office at

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