The Perfect Gift For The Bride |

The Perfect Gift For The Bride

The Union photoWooden Spoon can help you find that perfect wedding gift.
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Walk into the Wooden Spoon in the Fowler Center in Grass Valley and you’ll find an expert. It may be the owner Linda Cary, one of three Lindas there, but it can be any of the six staff the store employees. Says Cary, who has been in business for 17 years, “Everybody here knows everything,” everything, that is, about cookware, bake ware, barware, Asian ware, and all those gizmos that make cooking fun. It’s a great place to register for shower and wedding gifts.

While the level of knowledge is high, the atmosphere is relaxed and very personal. A clerk with a yellow pad points out this or that, answers questions, makes suggestions, and lists the bride’s choices, some with a star that indicates this is what she really, really wants. Staff encourage her to do at least two things:

1) chose from modest pieces to her “pie in the sky” biggest wish (just in case Uncle Fred wants to splurge on that completely wonderful food processor that does everything but take out the garbage), and 2) go for quality. “Quality items can end up lasting a lifetime,” says Cary. Example: bake ware by either Le Creuset or Emile Henry, all in fabulous decorator colors.

One of these items that can last a lifetime and that is essential for any kitchen is a good knife, or two or three. But there’s an old wives tale that says they are bad luck, as in severed friendships. “So we tape a penny on the package and break the spell,” says Cary happily, and the bride receives a gift that keeps on giving.

Some other popular items are nonstick Cuisinart cookware, “great value for your money,” says Cary. Or woks, good cookbooks, Oxo tools (fat handled gadgets such as garlic presses, ice cream scoops, and tongs), pasta sets, and something that every household should have: a good peppermill set. A newer item that just came out is the smoothie maker, great for couples committed to fitness. And for those who love the great outdoors, a back pack picnic basket is lots of fun. “More brides are registering for bake ware these days,” Cary notes, perhaps because people are staying home and “nesting” more.

You know those hard to find kitchen items such as an oyster opener or radish rosette maker? The Wooden Spoon has them. Their reputation is such that people traveling up from the Bay Area stop in time and again with lists in hand to find the very item they’ve been looking for and not finding in the big chains, such as Williams Sonoma. “Oh, I’ve looked everywhere for this,” is a refrain the store’s staff is used to hearing. It’s a matter of the size of the customer base, says Cary. “In a small town we have got to have everything everyone, including loyal locals, is looking for. Take everything regarding canning supplies, for instance. While the big guys don’t carry these, we do.” And they will ship them also.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time we’ll have what you’re looking for,” says Cary, “so it’s pretty hard to stump us.” On the off chance that they don’t, they’ll find it for you. “We try our darnedest to fill every request,” says Cary. “We always have a special order list going.”

So, brides, bring your mother or husband-to-be to this culinary playground, and register your dreams.n

The Wooden Spoon

12066 Nevada City Highway,

Grass Valley”in the Fowler Center


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