The ‘L’ word? |

The ‘L’ word?

I am confounded by Jeff Pelline’s “Judicial monarchy” editorial. It seems when you go out on our “small town,” your experiences are less than positive. It must be uncomfortable to hear jokes that you don’t find funny. Did you think that you were the butt of them? We don’t elect judges for their comic proclivities.

Your using the “L” word in regards to some of our judges is perplexing. I assume you used it in a negative light. My dictionary defines liberal as “open-minded, tolerant, broadminded, favoring civil and political liberties, democratic reforms and protection from arbitrary authority …”

These are qualities I want in a judge. These are the qualities and reasons Nevada County voted for Tom Anderson. These are the same qualities Governor Schwarzenegger found in Candace Heidelberger.

Judges are held accountable whether they are elected or appointed. They must follow the rule of the law. If they do not follow certain parameters, their decisions can be appealed and overturned. This is accountability!

Are you unhappy in our small town? Is it that you are recognized in it? Do you have trouble with authority? Would you be happier drinking alone?

Please sit down with us, talk with us and get to know us before you make judgments about us.

Instead of claustrophobia, you might find common ground and interesting discourse.

Rohi Frohreich

Nevada City

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing again. I didn’t use the “L” word; another one of our residents did. Some people agree with you, while others shared the concerns that were expressed about our judicial system and, previously, community policing.

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