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‘The Great Bay’ Booksigning and discussion set

A light boat, sailing across a broad bay, with the tops of ancient skyscrapers deep below. Our western North American world, hundreds and then thousands of years into the future. Dozens of remarkable stories, in the unfolding ecologies of post collapse – post climate change. Civilizations and technologies die or are lost, but human ingenuity – families, tribes, and villages, the musicians, shamans, philosophers, and people of power – live on.

– Gary Snyder, poet

“The Great Bay, Chronicles of the Collapse” by Penn Valley resident Dale Pendell, with cover graphic done by Grass Valley artist Paul Honatke, is the 2010 Green Book Festival Award Winner for Science Fiction.

In a series of stories spanning decades, centuries and millennia into the future, “The Great Bay” chronicles the post-apocalyptic history of California following a cataclysm of severe worldwide pandemics, devastating natural disasters and industrial crises that destroy the modern world. In the tradition of J.M. Coetzee and Cormac McCarthy, Pendell’s award-winning writing proves sophisticated and literary, raising critical questions for the future of humanity and the planet as it brings a startling contribution to the environmental concerns of the day.

Revealed through vivid survivor accounts and reporter-style writing after the Collapse, Pendell provides a dark, yet hopeful vision of the world after the Collapse, where dystopia meets utopia and survivors learn the merits of unity in times of despair. Among grim accounts of devastating plagues and violent wars for control over basic essentials, formerly wealthy executives find peace and pleasure in tilling the land, orphaned children find family in newly formed tribes, and the social pressures of a modern world crumble with what’s left of “pre-collapse” constructs. And at times, the ability to start from scratch on a new society seems thrilling to survivors.

“The Great Bay” tells a cautionary tale of California for the world, where nature takes a final stand against man and the heightening tensions among nations lay most to waste in a crushing break. Post-collapse technology, values, and intellect seem to move backwards in time, as memory of the world before the Collapse blends into myth over time. Combining a haunting view of the future caused by global warming with detailed maps depicting a massive transformation of California, Pendell proves once again that he’s a unique and provocative fiction writer and thinker.

Pendell has authored several books including the cult phenomenon Pharmako trilogy, with acclaimed reviews from Wired, LA Times and more. Pendell participates to the Burning Man performance group, Oracular Madness, of which he based his book, Inspired Madness. Also an accomplished poet, his poetry has been widely anthologized.

For more information on Pendell, please visit DalePendell.com

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