The Boulder Acoustic Society holds their own; |

The Boulder Acoustic Society holds their own;

Special to The Union

Is it possible to have a society made up of only four people? In this case, absolutely.

The young men of the band, The Boulder Acoustic Society, have enough verve, breadth, and talent to redefine music for the lot of us. These guys manage to take traditional music and turn it on its head, while still respecting the integrity of the original. Their influences run the musical gamut from classical to roots to jazz to folk to experimental, with all of it rooted in good ol’ Americana.

The group is comprised of four multi-instrumentalists who have eight other musical projects in the works among them. Their various musical explorations bring a diversity and range to the Boulder Acoustic Society’s music that makes it interesting, unexpected, and just plain good music.

Kailin Yong focuses on fiddle and Aaron Keim on bass, while Scott McCormick plays a raucous accordion, and Scott Aller holds the rhythm on everything from cajon to hand drums to washboard, but any member might break into a spontaneous rift on the ukulele at any time. They share the earnest, and at times, downright incandescent vocals, laced with sweet harmonies and inspired lyrics.

All of this works because they are such fine musicians. “Here, for us, is the future of String Band Music on a silver platter,” said fiddler Darol Anger. “A multi-national, multicultural, symphonic, swingin’ band of young monsters that will bring you to the rocky mountains where they live and show you around the place … and you will like this place.”

There is a freshness and innovation to the Boulder Acoustic Society’s music and performances that will leave you wondering if you have ever heard anything like this before. Most likely you have not. This event will prove to be a raucous, fun way to spend Halloween night.

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