The beat goes on with great reads |

The beat goes on with great reads

1. “Chronicles Volume One” by Bob Dylan ($24). The musical legend presents his first book in a series of memoirs. Dylan gives us an inside look at his life and early career in this intimate recollection. From his days in Greenwich Village, New Orleans, and Woodstock, he shares his life and craft with his distinctive voice and masterful storytelling. A must for every music lover!

2. “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles ($17.99). “Once upon a time or maybe twice there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland.” “Yellow Submarine” was a groundbreaking work in both the worlds of music and film. Heinz Edelman’s pop art brings the story of the Beatles’ adventures with the Blue Meanies, the Suckophant and the Sea of Holes to life in this picture book for all ages.

3. “Buddha” by Karen Armstrong ($13). Armstrong is a world-renowned religious thinker and wonderful storyteller. This is a fascinating and enlightening look at one of the most important and revered religious figures in the world. It is both a biography and excellent introduction to Buddhist thought.

4. “Before You Know Kindness” by Chris Bohjalian ($25). The author of “Midwives” delivers a novel about three generations of a family who vacation together every summer. When a loaded hunting rifle in the wrong hands results in a tragic accident, their lives change forever. This is a family saga about family values and those unexpected places where we find love.

5. “Exuberance: The Passion for Life” by Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison ($24.95). Jamison, whose heart-wrenching memoir was truly astounding, gives readers something wonderfully different. This is a look at boundless enthusiasm and joy in action. Jamison explores why joy is essential to our existence and how we can truly live an exuberant life.

6. “Sucker’s Kiss” by Alan Parker ($23.95). The Irish film director leaves the world of movies behind in this excellent foray into historical fiction. During the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, a 7-year-old boy finds himself accidentally setting out on a career as a pickpocket. His life journey takes him across America with Italian and Chinese gangsters, con artists and bootleggers.

7. “Leaving Mother Lake” by Yang Erche Namu ($14.95). This is an intriguing memoir about growing up in the little-known matriarchal Moso society of the Himalayas. The author is a restless young woman who is drawn to the temptations of western culture. This is a fascinating and beautiful story of growing up in the “Country of the Daughters.”

8. “A Singular Hostage” by Thalassa Ali ($13.95). In 1838, Mariana Givens, 20 and an old maid, is sent to India to find a husband. She joins up with Governor-General Lord Auckland and his military entourage. The suitors appear but Mariana’s heart lies with the natives.

9. “The Egyptologist” by Arthur Phillips ($24.95). Another great read from the talented author of Prague. Ralph Trilipush is a 1920s’ Egyptologist with a mysterious past. He is confronted by an Australian detective investigating an equally mysterious death. They are the narrators of this entertaining and surprising read, but are they to be believed? Discover for yourself.

10. “Away to the Goldfields” by Pat Derby ($18). From India and Egypt to Placerville and the gold diggings. Molly Melarky, abandoned by her gold-seeking father, follows him to seek a new life in California. Molly is a smart and gritty heroine who travels by ship, mule and dugout canoe. This story is filled with unforgettable characters and historical adventure that is perfect for middle-readers.


Compiled by manager Alison Jones-Pomatto at The Book Seller, 107 Mill St., Grass Valley, 272-2131. The Book Seller is open 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays.

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