The Artist: Art Gilbert, Grass Valley |

The Artist: Art Gilbert, Grass Valley

Your job title: I am a full-time artist. I was a graphic artist when I retired in 1996.

Describe your art: I paint abstract paintings in ink. The colors are vivid, and the objects are usually moving. This type of paintings has to do with energy and space. The other type that I do has to do with global warming.

How long have you been doing this? On and off for about 56 years.

Why do you do it? I always wondered if I could create something worthwhile, and now I can’t stop. I look forward to the challenge each day. I’m always surprised at how each painting turns out.

What do you hope to accomplish? To keep getting better, to enjoy seeing what I have done and hope others will too.

Do you create your art with an exact message for the viewer? Sometimes I like to focus on the results of our having abused our planet. Sometimes I try to depict the essence of energy.

Where do you want to go with your art? My wife is also an artist, and we do most of our own matting, photography, printing and sometimes framing – so we could use a lot more space. It would also be nice to be where there are a lot of other artists to visit with and share information with.

What kind of special training did you take? I started by attending the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and went on to take several art courses at community colleges around California. Most of my education has come from working alone and experimenting.

What is your favorite part of your endeavors? Experimenting.

What is your least favorite part? Waiting for a painting to dry and then deciding it didn’t go the way it was supposed to.

How much time do you spend on your work? About four to six hours a day. There is also a lot of time involved in related activities.

Do you consider it hard work and could anyone do it? Children seem to do pretty well with no training at all. I think everyone has some artistic talent if they can just be lucky enough to find and pursue it. Drawing a straight line is not mandatory!

Any other comments you’d like to include? Some prints of my art are available at Soul Support, 419A Broad St., Nevada City. My Web site is and my e-mail is Tell me that you saw this article and I will give you a 30 percent discount when you order direct from me.


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