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Test your knowledge of Nevada County history

Let’s do five questions from past history features.

1. Lotta Crabtree’s mother was a prototypical stage mother. Her name was (a) Helen, (b) Samantha or (c) Mary Ann. (June 8)

2. Col E.E. Brundage was (a) a veteran of the Mexican War of 1846, (b) elected president of the Republic of Rough and Ready, or (c) a 19th century Shakespearean actor. (March 9)

3. Mark Twain lectured in the Nevada Theatre on his trip to the Holy Land in (a) 1868, (b) 1877 or (c) 1899. (Feb. 9)

4. The Nevada City Sanitarium was located on (a) Broad Street, (b) Alexander Street or (c) Coyote Street. (May 1)

5. Josiah Royce, the eminent 19th century philosopher and Grass Valley native, was a professor at (a) Yale, (b) Harvard or (c) Texas A&M. (Nov. 10, 2001)


1. (c) Mary Ann. Lotta is diminutive of Charlotte.

2. Both (a) and (b) are correct. The colonel was never on stage.

3. (a) 1868. He also appeared at the Nevada in 1866 and lectured on his trip to the Sandwich Islands, now the state of Hawaii.

4. (c) Coyote Street until it was removed to make way for the Golden Center Freeway.

5. (b) Harvard. The Royce home at the time of Josiah’s birth stood on the site of the Grass Valley Library.

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