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Ten essential lessons to build body esteem

Ten essential lessons to build body esteem

Kathy Kater, LICSW, is a nationally recognized expert in eating disorders and created the “Healthy Body Image” curriculum for the island of Kauai. She also is the author of “Real Kids Come in All Sizes.” Her ideas for young people apply to adults as well.

Accept your body’s genetic predisposition. All bodies are wired to be fatter, thinner, or in-between.

Understand that all bodies change developmentally. Puberty, pregnancy, menopause and aging cannot be “controlled.”

Never “diet.” Hunger is an internally regulated drive and demands to be satisfied. If you diet, you trigger a preoccupation with food and an overeating response.

Satisfy your body with plenty of wholesome, nutrient rich foods.

Limit sedentary entertainment.

To find your best, natural weight, eat healthfully and maintain an active lifestyle.

Choose realistic role models.

Maintain your integrity as a person. Your sense of identify is based on all aspects of yourself – not just your body image, the values you believe in, and the person that you are deep inside.

Become media savvy. Educate yourself about inducements to buy products or foods that aren’t good for you or make you feel deficient.

Encourage others to join you in developing a healthy, realistic body image.

Source: Inspiration, Hawaii’s Wellness Journal, January/ February 2007. Tiffany Niide, M.D., Kathy Kater, LICSW. http://www.florellesohana.org

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