Suspects in pot caretaker murder case plead guilty |

Suspects in pot caretaker murder case plead guilty

Two of three men facing charges in connection with the 2014 shooting death of a man at a Penn Valley marijuana grow pleaded guilty Thursday to manslaughter.

Nathan Philbrook and Daniel Devencenzi remain in the Nevada County Jail pending their sentencing, which hasn’t been scheduled. Both must testify in the trial of their codefendant, Finley Fultz, before they’re sentenced.

The three men were accused in the 2014 death of Isaac Zafft at a Penn Valley grow.

Under the plea deal, Philbrook, who also pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree robbery, will be sentenced to 23 years in prison. Devencenzi will receive an 11-year prison sentence, Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh said.

“I think their testimony will be helpful in convicting Finley Fultz, who in the people’s view is the most egregious,” Walsh told Nevada County Superior Court Judge Tom Anderson.

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