Surprise attack: Cyber attack left Nevada County Association of Realtors unscathed |

Surprise attack: Cyber attack left Nevada County Association of Realtors unscathed

Sam Corey
Staff Writer

In the early morning of June 11, a cyber attack threatened an organization connected to the Nevada County Association of Realtors.

MetroList Services, Inc., operating out of Sacramento, was hit with the attack, said spokesperson for the company Michael Alcalay. He believes none of the businesses associated with their company, including the Nevada County Realty organization, were hindered by the temporary threat.

“We don’t believe there was any data compromised whatsoever,” said Alcalay, adding that the company was under threat for less than 24 hours.

Kathy Hinman, association executive for the Nevada County Association of Realtors, said her organization was updated of the ongoing situation every 25 minutes by MetroList Service, Inc. on June 11.

“They do have a solid reputation” for protecting clients’ data better than more local services, said Hinman.

MetroList Services, Inc., which operates in the central and northern region of California, still does not know where the threat came from, said Alcalay. The company hired a forensic analysis firm to uncover what happened. Alcalay said there is no estimated time for when the report will be published.

The spokesperson said an attack like this has never happened to MetroList Services Inc., but the issue of cyber security is becoming more central for companies and agencies around the globe.

“Cyber criminals have stepped up (their) game,” he said.

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