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‘Super Seven’ will lead to good health

I would like to thank Mr. Moller for writing about the important subject of diabetes in The Union. However, I was taken aback by his article’s quoting me on discussing the higher prevalence of diabetes in African-American and Hispanic populations. “That’s just the way it is” sounds like a wink and a shrug, not what I think or what I believe I said.

I essentially agree with Theresa Hastert’s take, that this disease is more prevalent in lower socio-economic populations. These people have markedly poorer access to regular primary care and thus receive a later diagnosis and delayed prevention of the disastrous consequences of untreated diabetes.

So our community, with a weakening access to primary care for all, will likely experience a rise in delayed diagnosis of various insidious diseases, with worsening consequences.

Overall, America is catching it hard, too, as our diet shifts increasingly to “manufactured” foods containing highly processed carbohydrates. Obesity is the new disease of the poor as these foods – not fresh, farm-grown fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats – become financially increasingly out of reach for most.

In the end, the best secrets to good health are the Super Seven: Good diet; adequate sleep; regular exercise; clean water to drink; deep, peaceful breathing; love, affection and social contact; and an inner/spiritual purpose or meaning for each of us to live by. Living these will turn primary care doctors like me into Maytag repairmen (in a good way)!

Jonathan Pierce, M.D.

Nevada City

Editor’s note: Dave Moller’s notes from his interview with Dr. Pierce were reviewed for accuracy, and The Union stands by the article as printed.

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