Suicide Prevention Week begins in Nevada County |

Suicide Prevention Week begins in Nevada County

Sam Corey
Staff Writer


Nevada County Local Crisis Line: 530-265-5811

National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (press 1 for Veterans Crisis Line)

Trevor Project LGBTQ+ Youth Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386

Society is talking about suicide on different levels.

Tuesday, Sept. 10, is World Suicide Prevention Day, September is National Suicide Prevention Month and the county is hosting Suicide Prevention Week.

As such, the Nevada County Public Health Department hopes to spread awareness about the warning signs that emerge in people who are considering suicide, and also raise awareness about the national, state and county resources available to mitigate those feelings.

County representatives, like health education coordinator Toby Guevin, have been providing information about week-long suicide prevention activities on KNCO and KVMR, and sharing resources like

Tuesday, individuals from local schools, county government and nonprofits will gather for a suicide prevention training at the Eric Rood Administrative Center, said Guevin.

According to a county document, warning signs of people considering suicide include morbid discussions of death or suicide, significant mood changes, altered behavior and expressions of hopelessness.

“That’s when you want to seek immediate help,” said Guevin.

Protective factors to prevent suicide, said Guevin, include effective behavioral health care and feeling connected to others, including family members, friends and community institutions.

According to Guevin, “talking about suicide itself” does not influence someone to die by suicide, but instead de-stigmatizes the action. While the health education coordinator worries about suicide spreading further where it has occurred, by talking about the broader issues related to it and avoiding discussions about the methods by which it occurred, people are more likely to feel empowered to prevent a repeat event.

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