Stop selling unaltered dogs |

Stop selling unaltered dogs

It is so concerning to hear someone call the local radio station, swap shop and flea market selling puppies and kittens. Every time I listen to the radio in my car there is someone trying to sell pit bull puppies on the radio. It is so heartbreaking to hear that people do not get the fact that they are causing suffering down the road. These purebred dogs are ending up in shelters. There are too many animals.

The comments I get from people regarding purebred dogs and cats on the radio for example. When I call and request them to spay or neuter their puppies before they place them is “my dogs don’t end up in a shelter – they are purebred.”

Right now as I write this, there are at least 10 purebred pit bulls at the shelter waiting for their forever home. They are very hard to place, yet people keep breeding them. They are suffering because of greed. Help instead of contributing to the overflow and suffering of animals spay and neuter!

Pamela Gorman/ For Pets’ Sake/ Scooter’s Pals Rescue

Grass Valley

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