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‘Stem cell debate is dead’

The health care debate has obscured important development in stem cell research. You might remember Prop. 71 in 2004. California voters authorized a tax-funded research into embryonic stem cell research to find miracle cures for diabetes, Alzheimers and Parkinson diseases, despite objections from some scientists, who had evidence of the effectiveness of adult stem cells, and the Catholic Church.

Now, five years later, after spending over $3 billion of taxpayer money on controversial research, the results are in. The winner is: adult stem cells.

A researcher at USCF Diabetes Center, Eric Rulifson, conceded: “There’s more that we don’t understand than we do; none of this stuff works! There’s no stem cell therapy that works without causing harm, because we do not understand what stem cells do.”

Peter Jamison of the San Francisco Weekly said: “You wouldn’t know about embryo research’s failure from listening to Obama or the promises of Prop. 71, but human embryo cells are, when not tightly controlled, a substance akin to poison.”

On Oprah Winfrey show Dr. Mehmet Oz shocked Oprah’s audience by stating “the stem cell debate is dead! The future is with adult stem cells.”

As advances in the treatment of diseases using adult stem cells multiply daily and the technical limitations of embryonic stem cells remain, it appears that the Catholic Church’s position was also scientifically correct.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

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