Sports page should be for local coverage |

Sports page should be for local coverage

I find it very difficult to see what a personal conflict issue has to do with sports. It is very clear that the issue between Dick Gold from District 11 Little League and Touchdown Productions is of a personal nature and has absolutely nothing to do with the coverage of Little League baseball. I can see where it has taken precious space in the paper that could be used to cover our local kids and their involvement in Little League.

As a parent of a Little League player and a member of Nevada City Little League, I am upset with The Union and how this “personal issue” became front page sports news.

During the past three weeks our local Nevada County Little League players have been playing their hearts out in high levels of baseball. There have been Tournament of Champ-ions and All-Star games almost every single night, yet the coverage for these great games has usually been in the “Sports Briefs.” Our kids love to see their names in the papers and their pictures and since your subscriptions are mainly to those of us who are local and want to see local coverage, why not cover something worth printing and not a “`personal conflict” between two adults? Unless, of course, it is the boxing ring with gloves on.

Personally I think it is great to have Touchdown Productions cover the games. It really gives the players a feeling that they have hit the big time. The quality is great, the cost is minimal and what better way to remember those special times for our kids. We as parents most definitely could not do a better job.

So please, keep sports on the sports page and let’s have adults act like adults and, most importantly, remember that Little League is for the kids and that is what we are all out there to support!

Trish Gerving

Nevada City

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