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Spooooky stuff …

The Union StaffGet your masks out! Halloween is three days away, time for kids to cut loose in costume.
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Halloween is rapidly approaching and the plans of little sweet-toothed goblins are in the making. Plus, older Halloween-goers look back on scary memories full of frightful, knee-rattling moments, some embarrassing and slightly hilarious.

To gear-up for the 31st, children are planning, and determined to have, the most awesome costume in town, which will surely secure an extra handful of candy from each house.

But for some scary little monsters, candy is not the only goal. It’s to see younger siblings’ eyes bulging out of their sockets when the life is scared out of them by a self-made haunted house.

“Full of creepy stuff, like scary masks, skeletons, ooze, masks and, as they walk by a door, it will creak open because of sensors,” said 12-year-old Aaron, talking of his plans to creep out his family on Halloween with his own haunted house.

“Dressing up is the fun part,” said 8-year-old Trelawney, whose plans for Halloween are to be a garden fairy. Trelawney’s main concern is her costume – which will have big wings and a beautiful dress – not the sweets.

Like all good things, the pizazz of Halloween comes and goes in a child’s life. The great festival of trick-or-treating and dress-up becomes second-hand, the magic and mystery of All Hallow’s Eve somehow fades away into glorious memories.

“I used to wait until it was late at night, when there would be no more lights on in houses, and I would take the entire ‘help yourself’ candy bowl that was left outside on the doorstep,” said 16-year-old Loonie.

“When I was young, I went down to San Francisco for Halloween and everyone there was dressed up as a drag queen,” said 14-year-old Brooke.

But not all memories are glorious; some are just ridiculously embarrassing.

“It was my seventh Halloween, and I was a magician. I was getting out of the car and closed the door behind me, and the car began to drive away, along with my costume. My costume completely ripped off just as I noticed a big group of girls behind me bust up in laughter,” said 17-year-old Ryan Hoffman.

The cold fall days are with us, as well as the stench of the Halloween night in the near future. Plans and memories of sweets and scary monsters are being rummaged up, along with the question of what this year will have to offer.

Dwight Johnson is 16 and a junior at Nevada Union High School. Write him in care of Youth Page, The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945, or e-mail

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