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Spiral Internet sold: Company selling to an outfit out of Davis

Sam Corey
Staff Writer

Spiral Internet is being sold.

That’s according to the CEO of the new company to be serving those customers.

“John Paul contacted me some months ago, asking via email if we’d be interested helping take over the Spiral customer base,” said Rob Nickerson, CEO of Omsoft Technologies.

The Union reached John Paul, CEO of Spiral Internet, and others at the Spiral Internet office, who had no comment.

“We’re not intending to change anyone’s pricing or make them reorder.”— Rob NickersonCEO of Omsoft Technologies

Nickerson said the sale will occur on June 1.

“We’re not intending to change anyone’s pricing or make them reorder,” said Nickerson, adding that Omsoft Technologies will have the same vendors, operations and operational culture as Spiral.

Nickerson, who has been with the company since it began in 1996, said he believes in net neutrality and customer privacy.

“We encourage and advocate that communities invest and own their own fiber optic infrastructure,” he said.

Paul had tried to get broadband internet service to Nevada County since 2009. He planned to have the service span a 26-square-mile area, including about 2,900 homes and 340 businesses around Highway 174 and Dog Bar Road, per previous reporting in The Union.

Paul, the previous president of Bright Fiber Inc., had received a $16 million grant from the California Public Utilities Commission to implement that project before selling Bright Fiber to Race Communications, a Bay Area company.

Paul still owns Spiral Internet, which offers web hosting, email and DSL resale services.

Nickerson said Omsoft will not be doing any work related to the broadband internet project that Paul originally began.

“Race Communications will hopefully complete this project in parts of Grass Valley, Nevada City as has long been planned,” he said.

Nickerson said he frequently does recreational activities in Nevada County.

“I’ve enjoyed coming up there for many decades,” he said.

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