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Spencer Construction Builds – Big and Amazing

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Scott Spencer is a happy man. This 43 year old father of two loves going to work every day. A general contractor for 14 years, Spencer is building dream houses–custom high-end homes that cause eyes to pop out of heads.

Like the one for the Bank of Kuwait president in the Lake Tahoe area, which was worth $3.5 million.

Or take the one in Nevada County that he is just wrapping up. He tells the story of building a spec home nearby when a man approached him. The gentleman said he had been watching Spencer work, liked what he saw, and had a proposition for him: build me my dream house. They put their heads together and started the gargantuan task.

Now, 15 months later, the 5,000 square foot, three bedroom home is almost ready to move into. To list the unique features of this downright stunning home takes several paragraphs. Here are just some of the fascinating features, the most unique of which is an observatory on the third floor (see cover photo). It’s a 10-foot high dome with a 14-inch reflecting telescope. Spencer says he actually was able to see the polar ice cap of Mars “very distinctly” when it passed near the earth. “The home owner,” he says, “is an avid amateur astronomer.”

If that were all, it might be enough, but images seen through the telescope can be beamed to any of the 10 TVs including two 52″ plasma screen TVs throughout the house or even to the internet, because this house is computerized to the max, and systems, such as lighting, can be operated remotely”as in dial up your home from Palm Springs and turn the master bedroom lighting on. In other words it’s a smart home, networked throughout, that can do practically everything except take out the garbage.

Talking about master bedrooms, this home has a beauty. Spencer says planning it took a punch list of about 15 items, which included a terrific sound and lighting system operated conveniently from the bedside. The falling water one hears, by the way, is the waterfall in the master shower. Or it might be the waterfalls at the vanishing edge pool just outside.

Spencer also likes to make the building experience as enjoyable as he can, for both himself and the client. Sometimes that means a little creative. In this present house he had an idea to jazz up the large circular staircase with arches. The customer liked the idea, said something akin to “make it so, Number 1,” and the result is “very pleasing to the eye.”

The punch list for the gourmet kitchen probably topped 50 items, he guessed. Planning upfront is critical, says Spencer. With 23 years of experience in the various trades, he knows what needs to be looked at. “I do a lot of the finish specs with my clients. Together we create a very detailed list of all finishes for each room. By the time we’re ready to start building, the client has put a lot of thought into it.”

In this cherry and granite home, there’s a theater room with a 110-inch rolled down projector screen and a central hub where all DVDs and CDs are stored. There are 8 zones in the house, which by the touch of buttons can play anything the occupant desires.

“I build one house at a time,” says Spencer, “from site evaluation through landscaping. And I’m very hands on, there every day. We’ve chosen to be a small company of 5 people and use several outstanding subcontractors to assist us.” He works with a draftsman to come up with the design for custom homes.

Because they feel this house of $1,500,000 (time and materials) is so outstanding, Spencer and his customer are approaching magazines with a feature story idea. “Architectural

Digest,” “Sunset,” “Audiophile, Astronomy”?”keep your eyes peeled.

“I thoroughly enjoy what I do,” says Spencer,”I love building custom homes and facing the unique challenges that come with them. It’s exciting, and I love going to work every day.” What more could a man ask.

Spencer Construction

in Grass Valley

12673 Hoppy Hollow Rd.

(530) 477-2810

email: isspencer@salis.com

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