Social Forum Film Series offers June screenings |

Social Forum Film Series offers June screenings

The Social Forum Film Series takes place on Tuesdays at The Magic Theatre, 107 Argall Way in Nevada City. The movies begin at 7:35 p.m.; there is a suggested donation of $4.

June 5 Ð “Eyes on the Prize:: Volume 5 Ð Mississippi: Is This America?” (1962 Ð 1964). SFFS continues its presentation of the most comprehensive television documentary ever produced on the American Civil Rights movement. It focuses on the events, issues, triumphs and tragedies of ordinary people as they tested their power to effect change in America in the years 1954 through 1965, a period termed “the Second American Revolution.”

Mississippi becomes a testing ground of constitutional principles as civil rights activists focus their energies on the right to vote. Examine the state’s white resistance to the movement and the equally strong determination of black and white organizers to bring Mississippi’s black citizens into the political process and onto the floor of the Democratic National Convention. 60 minutes.

June 12 Ð “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” (2005). Come see where all the money went. Based on the best-selling book by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, this film details the shocking inside story of one of history’s greatest business scandals. Unimaginable personal excesses and an utter moral vacuum that posed as corporate philosophy led to top executives of America’s seventh largest corporation walking away with more than $1 billion while investors and employees lost everything. Narrated by Peter Coyote, this exposé features insider accounts and incendiary corporate audio and videotapes that will have viewers’ blood boiling. Rated R. 110 minutes.

June 19 Ð “Shut Up and Sing” (2006). In 2003, the ladies of the country band, The Dixie Chicks, are at the top of their game, being one of the most successful bands of all time. However, with the U.S. invasion of Iraq about to begin in spite of frustrated worldwide objections about this, to many millions of people, needless war, one of the Chicks vents, off the cuff in concert, about being ashamed of U.S. President George W. Bush. This statement sparks a firestorm of organized and personal right-wing attacks on the Chicks for daring to think they have the right to express a negative personal opinion about the president. This film covers the band’s effort to ride out the turmoil that would leave their careers under a cloud but would eventually give them an opportunity to grow as great artists who bow to no one. By Cabin Creek Films. 93 minutes.

June 26 Ð World Premier celebration of Jerry Mander in Grass Valley: Filmed by our own local Yuba Gals, April 21, 2007. With many of the planet’s remaining natural resources on indigenous lands, traditional indigenous practices of biodiversity preservation have, ironically, made these lands targets for global corporations seeking the last forests, genetic and plant materials, oil and minerals. At an enlightening and inspiring evening in Grass Valley last April, Jerry Mander presented to an enthusiastic crowd the issues outlined in his new book, “Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance to Globalization,” as well as the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

A major focus was the rise in power of indigenous people, especially in South America. He also discussed the International Forum on Globalization’s developing strategies to meet the challenges of climate change, peak oil and resource depletion through its new international campaign. Mander is founder and co-director of the IFG and a senior fellow at the Public Media Center. Please join our celebration. 80 minutes. DVDs will be available this evening or can be purchased at http://www.peak IFG Web site is

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