Social Forum Film Series hosts March screenings |

Social Forum Film Series hosts March screenings

The following films are shown at 7:35 p.m. Tuesdays at The Magic Theatre, 107 Argall Way in Nevada City; admission is $4. A discussion takes place after the screening.

March 7 – “Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture, and the New American Farmer” (2004). The future looks grim in “The Apple Capital of the World.” Filmmaker Guy Evans sets out on a journey to discover why his own father is losing his livelihood as an apple grower in their pastoral valley in Washington state. His father is not alone. Apple growers by the thousands are going out of business. What went wrong in the natural Garden of Eden? Evans witnessed small farmers forced off their land as they struggle to compete against the Goliaths that populate today’s global economy, against rising production costs, against price-depressing retailers and bargain-shopping consumers. But then he happens upon an entirely new breed of farmer, practitioners of a sustainable agriculture. These New American farmers define a path of renewal that could hold the answer for Evans’ father and for farmers across America. This film helps us discover ways in which any individual can play a role, not just in saving America’s farmers, but in restoring hope for humanity. 57 minutes;

March 14 – Two Films from Jeffrey Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology (2005). “Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods.” This video speaks to the dangers of genetically engineered foods for kids. Shocking research results, inadequate regulations, and warnings from eminent scientists explain why genetically engineered foods are dangerous and should be removed from kids’ meals. The dramatic story of how student behavior in a Wisconsin school was transformed with a healthy diet provides added motivation to make a change. 29 minutes;

“The Health Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods and Their Cover-up.” International best-selling author Jeffrey M. Smith (“Seeds of Deception”) describes how the biotech companies rig research, cover up health dangers and pressure government regulators to approve foods that even FDA scientists said were unsafe. This is a taped lecture before a live audience. 60 minutes.

March 21 – “Who Owns Nature?: Robert Kennedy at Marin Center” (2004). Sustainable Marin and Waterplanet Environmental Broadcast Service (WEBS) hosts an evening with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Marin Center in San Rafael. Kennedy, author of “Crimes Against Nature,” spoke on democracy, clean water, clean energy, and corporate power; conversed with Dick Russell, author of “Eye Of The Whale: On Energy, Water, Climate, and Sustainability”; and answered questions from the audience. This is a powerful dialogue on the sovereignty of citizens vs. corporate/government power.

March 28- “Internationally Speaking” (2005). A new film by Christine Rose, the director-producer of the acclaimed “Liberty Bound,” which participants enjoyed in October of 2005. Seen as individuals rather than cultural stereotypes, people from all over the world share their opinions of America, its government, its foreign policy and its people. In the midst of growing international “Anti-Americanism,” real people tell Americans what they think and why in an attempt to further understanding and compassion. Christine Rose is proud of her very own Coalition of the Willing filmmaking team for Internationally Speaking. 75 minutes; http://www.internation

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