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‘Sirs’ offer retired men a social home

Sirs is an organization for retired men who want to remain active and enjoy a fellowship with their peers. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the activities offered while promoting “Dignity and Independence in Retirement.” Our organization has 26,000 members. We meet once a month for a luncheon which includes a speaker as part of our program. No dues, initiation, or fancy rituals. We meet with other members who are interested in activities that include the following: Bowling, computers, fishing, golf and travel.

Our members come from all walks of life. We are nonpolitical, non-ethnic and promote no religion to the exclusion of others. Our members include retired military, doctors, lawyers, company executives, firemen, educators, truck drivers and many more. The common theme is we have nothing to prove and let’s have fun.

I’m not a joiner. Why should I participate?

Sirs is not a service club but is for those that need a recreational outlet. There are no dues, but we do depend on individual annual voluntary donations of $20 to cover the administration expenses, including a monthly newsletter.

Our luncheon programs include a wide variety of topics. A representative group of subjects and speakers include a professional football player (speaking on the NFL), a TV weatherman, a newspaper reporter, a local historian, a Marine Corps General, a local author, a survivor of the Battle of the Bulge, issues surrounding the foothills, and our local Sheriff.

Our speakers do not promote their services, but we have covered diverse topics i.e.. “Living Wills and Trusts,” “Reverse Mortgages” and the U2 and Drone program out of a local AFB. The talks generally are 30 minutes including questions.

Our activities and membership requirements:

Bowling, computer club, fishing, travel and golf are found at most branches. The Alta Sierra Branch offers all of these and is connected with an associate fishing club for both men and women called the “The Jolly Hookers of Nevada County.”

The Sirs Branch 124 provides a handicapping service through the N.C.G.A. This is an inexpensive option compared to most golf clubs ($35) for a new member and this membership allows you to enter Sir State Tournaments as well as N.C.G.A. events.

We also have a local league in which we offer a monthly golf tournament for local branches. (May through November.) The Sir State Golf Tournaments are held at various locations including Reno, Las Vegas, Poppy Hills and Solvang. Our travel activities include local events such as a Giants or Oakland baseball game, or a jazz festival. Some events combine plans for our wives or other guests.

The State Travel Agenda has included trips to Alaska, Europe and Mexico. Other local branch sponsored trips are very popular.

All of our activities emphasize having fun. We frown on experts.

Beginners are welcomed into all of the activities. The membership requirements are straightforward – attend our monthly meeting and make some new friends. Do not join if you plan on only casually attending. Exceptions can be made for travel, illness or personal matters but we do want you to be active and enjoy the events and fellowship that exists.

Some relevant endorsements: Quotes taken from San Francisco Chronicle article by Dave Murphy, April 14, 2004:

“Many people look forward to retirement but then get bored with it, setting into unhealthy patterns of isolation and inactivity, said Bob Lilo, a Hillsborough resident who worked as an orthopedic surgeon for 33 years before retiring in 1992. Lilo said that socializing helps people develop relationships and stay mentally sharp. There is an old rule of medicine that I learned at John Hopkins during my training there: You use it or lose it.”

Jim Wyatt, an educator of 38 years had this to say: “There is no pressure to be involved in a bunch of activities, it’s kind of low key. You can make of it what you want.” Jim got involved because of golf and ended up being the state president in 1999. He obviously loved the game and its relationships.

Mike Murphy, who retired as an insurance attorney, said this: That before he retired, he sometimes wondered if he would find enough activities to avoid being bored. But now he has caught himself saying, I don’t have time. I’m retired. I’m too busy.”

Meeting places

Come out to meet us at Alta Sierra Br 124 and see if it fits or call any of the other local branches listed below if the meeting times or locations are better suited to your needs.

Alta Sierra Br 124

Alta Sierra Country Club

Luncheon meeting 11:45 a.m.

First Tuesday every month

Gerald Lynch Big Sir


Grass Valley Br 11

Lake Wildwood Country Club

Luncheon meeting noon

First Tuesday every month

Ron Fuchs Big Sir


Placer Gold Br 37

Elks Lodge Auburn

195 Pine St.

Luncheon meeting noon

First Thursday every month

Jim Putruk Big Sir


Nevada City Br 55

Moose Lodge

15694 Allison Ranch Road

Luncheon meeting noon

Second Tuesday every month

Bill Wilson Big Sir


Sierra Hills Br 79

Elks Lodge Auburn

195 Pine St.

Luncheon meeting 11 a.m.

Don Dill Big Sir


Lake of the Pines Br 170

Lake of the Pines Country Club

Luncheon meeting noon

Don Miller Big Sir


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