Shopper has positive experiences at local stores |

Shopper has positive experiences at local stores

I have read a couple of letters relating bad experiences with our local retailers. I on the other hand have had the exact opposite situations. Last week after driving to Meissner’s Sewing Machine in Rocklin to pick out a new machine and get a price quote, I decided to call US Sewing Machine in Grass Valley to see if they could match or get close to the price offered in Rocklin. Debbie not only matched the price but offered a better warranty and maintenance package.

Secondly, in the past year we have purchased three HD televisions from Record Connection. Sure we could have saved a couple of dollars “down the hill” but RC delivered, unpackaged, installed, wiring, etc. I would rather pay a little extra, get better service and help the local community!

Patricia Murphy-Hupp

Grass Valley

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