Shootouts, blowouts and baseball |

Shootouts, blowouts and baseball

Two Italians were arrested by Sheriff Walker for participating in a gunfight at the Rondini home.

U.S. Army officers are arrested in Douglas, Ariz. and charged with helping Secret Service men engage in an unlawful search for rebels.

Clear but with heavy winds around the 1st, then dry and cold until heavy rains near month’s end.

Shots were fired at a would-be robber at the Brunstetter home on Bennett Street, which brought him to a standstill.

A chicken thief tried to collect some cluckers at the Nevada Street home of Mrs. Martha Lane. A double-barrel shot gun sped him on his way.

The hobo, “A No. 1,” considered the king of hobos, met his end when he slipped from the rods of a passenger train near New Orleans and was killed.

Sachini, involved in the shooting at the Rondini place, was fined $40 for carrying a gun.

The four Balkan states demand autonomy from Turkey and have a million men ready for war.

Ralph Parker’s bicycle collided with an auto at the corner of Sacramento and Broad streets. He was badly bruised and the wheel wrecked.

The Indian athlete, Jim Thorpe, has no par as an all-around prize winner, taking the pentathlon and decathlon at the Olympics.

A tree blown down by the wind kills a horse belonging to Thomas Mooney.

Bulgarians cross Turkish frontier. Balkan states seething as hostilities begin.

The traction company is asked to build a passenger shelter at the foot of Boston Ravine.

Four outlaws loot a train in Oklahoma, blowing the safe and taking $10,000.

Joe Bevilacqua was working on his team when they took off, the wagon passing over him — he is paralyzed at present.

Four Marines killed in battle with rebels in Nicaragua.

Nevada City High, playing rugby against the Nevada City Athletics, lost 18-0.

Turkey doubts that war can be averted.

Lack of water is causing crops on the ridge to die.

The Giants and Red Socks begin the World Series, Boston winning the game 4-3.

The Costello and Jepsen Saloon on Broad Street is exhibiting a lizard with two tails and three legs.

The second game of the series was called by darkness — score 6 to 6.

Nevada City Fire Dept. will have a modern Seagrave motor fire truck by next spring — cost around $5,700.

Giants take third game, 2 to 1.

Holbrooke Hotel granted a bar license — all local saloons are complying with the recently passed ordinances.

Fourth game and the Red Socks in lead, 2 to 1.

Led by bank robber Jim Dalton, 19 convicts escaped from a Wyoming prison, seized horses and fled to the hills.

Boston leads, 3 to 1 in the series.

Truckee will have a winter carnival this year.

A chicken thief tried to collect some cluckers at the Nevada Street home of Mrs. Martha Lane. A double-barrel shot gun sped him on his way.

Col. Roosevelt is shot while traveling in motorcar in Milwaukee. Though severely wounded, he refuses treatment until he has given a speech.

A delivery wagon took a run down Alta Street. A young woman in the box jumped off, receiving bruises.

Steps are being taken in Africa to protect the elephants there — 12,000 now taken annually.

A mad dog went through town yesterday, biting at least eight persons before it was destroyed. Among those bitten were Mrs. Weeks and Harry Dab. Rabies serum has been ordered.

Roosevelt’s wound serious but not dangerous. Will be in hospital 10 days.

New York wins sixth game.

Wells Fargo messenger George Nagle will be laid up with broken toes — a chunk of ice fell on them.

In the 7th game, Giants run bases until weary, winning series 11 to 4.

George Calwell of Truckee accidentally shot himself through the calf.

The latest in women’s apparel is the peek-a-boo skirt, made of sheer material and with a slit that shows the wearer’s knees.

Philip Diaz, nephew of the deposed president, captures Vera Cruz.

John Talbot and Frank Wear are caught highgrading in the Brunswick Mine.

The town trustees rule that all dogs running loose are to be muzzled and kept on a chain or leash for the next six months.

Dr. Carl Jones arrives in London on the Olympic — will spend several months abroad.

Bloody fighting taking place between Bulgarians and Turks.

Marshall Shearer has killed a number of dogs — some at the request of their owners.

A naked man frightened two girls coming from school on Gold Flat — the sheriff is investigating.

Federal troops capture Diaz — probably will be shot.

There will be a Republican rally at the auditorium tonight.

Jennie Cadagileri, found slain in Connecticut, was said to be a government spy killed for a disclosure she made.

The Bullmoose party held a rally last night.

Teamster George Harrigan was thrown from his wood wagon near Forest Springs and the wagon passed over his chest — he is not expected to live.

The Democrats rally tomorrow night.

Mrs. J. Bevilacqua was found dead after escaping from the county hospital — worry over her husband’s injuries drove her insane.

Halloween night, but rowdyism and property destruction will not be tolerated by officers.

Two Santa Monica men, Walters and Steadman, tossed a coin to see which would marry and brighten their quarters with a woman’s presence. Steadman lost and married a Miss Hopkins soon thereafter.

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