Second-place winner |

Second-place winner

By: Faith Berringer, Penn Valley

About: Dayton Faraco, Grass Valley

What is it that defines the greatness of a woman? Is it her popularity, her age, or her character? It is my belief that the greatness of a woman cannot be confined to a definition. Great women reside all around us, but many go unrecognized because they aren’t what others would consider “great.” One such woman is Dayton Faraco.

Dayton is a 17-year-old student who attends NUHS. To the naked eye, her age would condemn her to adolescence, but, in actuality, adulthood was forced upon her at an early age.

At 17, she’s already confronted the early work force, a near fatal car crash, drug problems, manipulative friends, and a severe case of depression. Some teens faced with the severity of Dayton’s situation would’ve silenced the pain rashly, but even at the bleakest of times, Dayton held her head up and blindly fought the dark.

Her strength, not only as a woman but as a person, is one of the significant qualities that makes her important to me. She’s an individual who never ceases to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of others. Her inner beauty radiates comfort, and its apparent beauty is not confined to her soul. Her smile shines like the sun and can charm any crowd.

As if that isn’t enough, anyone she meets is overtaken by her infectious laugh and the heart she wears on her sleeve.

Dayton shares her charismatic personality with the community daily.

She currently works at Caroline’s and serves coffee as well as dedication. She’s also active in NU’s Key Club, where she devotes her time to bettering our community. Her relentless kindness soothes the weary and leaves the rest of the community in admiration and appreciation. She dreams of one day breaking from the chains of our quaint town to make a difference. She doesn’t want to be another “white collared worker,” because she wants to reach people on a personal level. This time next year, she’ll be attending UNR, touching the lives of yet another awaiting community.

Dayton has put in sweat and blood to make it where she is today, and her accomplishments speak for themselves. Even after all her obstacles, she’s managed to make it to graduation. Along her journey, she’s also managed to maintain her job and aspire to be one of the most respected women golfers on the NU golf team. Her accomplishments aren’t monumental, but it’s the little things that amount to her greatness.

Dayton will forever be remembered in the hearts of the community as the girl with never-ending love. She may not put out fires, but she is a life saver. I’m one life she’s saved. I’m constantly lost in battle with myself, but whenever I feel myself start to fade, Dayton’s love binds my pain and leads me home when I’ve forgotten my way. I’m not the first life she’s saved, and I know I won’t be the last.

Dayton is a real live woman. She’s not only a community member and friend, she’s a silent hero, saving the world one person at a time with a shield of kindness and a sword of love.

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