Savannah Hanson: Go to your room |

Savannah Hanson: Go to your room

Savannah Hanson

“When senseless thoughts fill your mind, when worry comes, repeat the thought that comes to open your heart and clear your mind: ‘I dedicate all thought to union.’”

“It is only in attempting to eject the loveless self from the Spacious self that disharmony occurs. Thus holding the loveless self within the spacious Self of love is the answer to the question of evil and the final lifting of the last veils of fear.”

— A Course of Love

Suzie, a member of the Wild Hearts group I facilitate online, said she sees this as a giant “Go to your room!” from Source/God. It is as if the mystery is saying, look, I gave you this beautiful planet to play on and you have trashed it, wrecked the car and been deeply disrespectful. Go to your room and don’t come out until you really think about this. Look at what you have co-created as a species and then decide if this is what you wish to continue seeing, what choices really serve you, your loved ones, the planet. Once you really reflect on that and perhaps are ready to choose again, you can come out of your room.

Humanity is being asked to come out of the teenage years into adulthood and begin to be present enough to respect the gifts we are given. We now have the time and hopefully the attention to really look at what choices we have made individually and as a species. Many will be witnessing all the fear programs surfacing and how the survival button has us acting unskillfully to save our own hides. I say it is no mistake there is such a run on toilet paper, showing us it is totally time to clean up.

Many are still mesmerized with the continuing barrage of fear programs inundating our news. Yet more and more are waking up to what is really happening and willing to take a hard look at their own shadows, their own greed, selfishness, unskillful choices. We look within hopefully without judgment. We now have the time to really pay attention to our own inner landscapes. Without the distraction and noise of the typical lifestyle, we get to see clearly the problems that have lain dormant. Now perhaps we are willing to use the heightened light frequencies to truly align with our core values.

I spent a few uncomfortable days lost in pursuing the alternative story, the conspiracy timelines and discovered that is not where I wish to place my precious life energy. Many shocking revelations will likely transpire and the collective horror may again sidetrack us. The main event is always choosing love over fear, choosing what we truly value in life and then giving our attention and energy to these pursuits.

I have spent the last few days in dialogue with a number of men and recently with two beloved male and female friends discussing separation and in particular how it plays out between the genders. I am very aware of how, despite my conscious intent and best efforts, I continue to have small pockets of armoring that prevent me from living in and as the love that I am. These dialogues have been incredibly rich and are supporting me in my powerful intent to integrate any residual inner or outer separation.

Then today I was just intuitively guided to a death meditation. Tears formed in my eyes as I contemplated dying before having completed my “mission.” The sense of purpose or mission grows stronger by the minute and more clearly defined. Six months ago I created the Wild Heart group in response to this inner urging, to bring together people from around the globe who are willing to do the often challenging (at least until now) inner work or facing and integrating our own inner demons and claim our incorruptible innocence. As we do so we come into a vast inner spaciousness that allows presence to emerge. As we are able to sustain that presence, our direct connection to source energy makes us incredibly powerful creators! David Hawkins wrote that just one person at a frequency of over 500 can balance three quarter of a million people below the level of 200 consciousness. So this inner exploration is incredibly meaningful and is a powerful primary focus in these times.

For me to not get swept into the collective mayhem, I find I sometimes need many hours in silence, in meditation, following where the line of energy takes me, making courageous choices to extend way beyond my comfort zone (last seen some time in the ‘90s.) I am ever more willing to follow inner promptings no matter how counter intuitive or scary they may be. The sense of inner homecoming to the love that I am brings unspeakable joy and strengthens both my motivation and my courage to continue to commit all of myself to this. What does your heart yearn to create? Give your attention and all your precious being to that and let’s see what a beautiful new earth we can co-create in unity.

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