Savannah Hanson: Being in the New |

Savannah Hanson: Being in the New

The pressure of these higher frequencies on the nervous system will have many if not most scrambling to figure out how to sooth the frazzled nerves. There is no mistaking we are being called to pay attention. Some will choose to place their attention on fear, separation, blame, attack, divisiveness, duality, victim. Yet hopefully it will not take too long to see that only creates more of the same. The only true answer is to choose only love.

Yet what does that actually mean to choose only love? Right now the outer world is so chaotic with so many disturbing stories and images crowding for our attention, it is not easy to find a safe haven. The density of fear permeates most environments. For those who choose to pay attention to the general media, our attention is directed repeatedly to fear and separation, to evidence that our closest family member could be a source of illness, that even a holiday dinner with family is cause for stress. In the 1994 Los Angles earthquake I was traumatized by looking at the news until I finally stopped. The tragic yet relatively small destruction was nowhere in sight when I simply looked out my window. This powerfully taught me not to give my attention to things that traumatize this nervous system, especially when it does not accurately portray what is actually happening.

For 10,000 years human have been buried in self limiting programs that have kept us lost in fear and separation. Yet now is a new dawn, a new beginning. The higher frequencies have eliminated the programming that was stored in cellular memory. The great challenge is that we have eons of history that tells us that we are still locked into those previous limitations.

With so many stories of trauma, depravity, death, violence, conflict, it is not easy to place our attention on the new age, the increasing expressions of love and unity, the care and thoughtfulness of many. In our own inner world, the constant barrage of fear many will be experiencing, uncertainty about the future, primal survival fears may capture our attention and keep us locked in stress.

These times call us to strengthening our immune system with exercise, fresh air, love and connection, good nutrition and minimizing stress.

Yet these times call us to strengthening our immune system with exercise, fresh air, love and connection, good nutrition and minimizing stress! This paradox is enough to make our heads swim.

I often feel like we are experiencing a giant magician’s slight of hand. Our attention is directed to so many disturbing images yet this new beginning awaits our acceptance. I begin each day creating my new realty, envisioning exactly how I wish my life to be. It is amazing how many new things pop in that match my inner vision, new relationships, new sources of income, new opportunities for joy and connection. Yet the riptide of fear is something that threatens to swamp those tendrils of joy.

I am fortunate to know a few energetic forerunners personally, the 2% or so that have already passed through the fear barrier on an energetic level and are experiencing incredible contentment, joy, adventure, intimacy, connection. One in particular has detailed to me her experience of breaking identification with the false self with accompanying hopelessness emptiness, exhaustion, indifference. I have spoken to a number of people who have worked their whole lives to clear their trauma and now feel at the end of their rope, struggling to continue or believe they can go on.

Last night a friend told me about a book called “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard Bucke that details how often people had an awakening experience only after they gave up all hope! So indeed the darkest hour can be just before the dawning of an entirely new beginning.

I had a very brief visceral, somatic experience of being alive on the new earth where for the first time in my existence, I delighted in being human on earth! Everyone cooperates, is valued and respected, has a home and enough to eat. Interdependence and harmony are the order of the day. The joy and contentment, unity, peace was unspeakable.

Yet to get from here to there we simply must not continue to indulge our victim, fear stories, constantly recreating disaster in our own consciousness. We must let go of old programming. I listened to a track yesterday that helped me see how much in my own mind still enslaves me. Daily I must choose again where I focus my attention. Where attention goes, energy flows. When awareness is concentrated on my desires and intentions, the speed at which the miraculous arrives is astounding. When I focus on duality, I get to immediately feel the inner discord and exhaustion. I read comments on Facebook wishing a beloved friend and her family illness, blindness, suffocation because of a difference of opinion and spent a day horrified. I was placing so much attention on the deep state of disruption and discord currently surfacing on the planet and paid the energetic price for my choice.

As suicide rates escalate, it is no small thing to choose where to focus. Experiment with one small decision to focus on a new desired beginning and keep your focus there and see what unfolds. I’ll meet you there in the new earth.

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