Same faces appear each year at Nevada County Fair dairy goat judging event |

Same faces appear each year at Nevada County Fair dairy goat judging event

Anjali Aiyana Figueira
Special to The Union

You’ll see a lot of the same people each year at the Nevada County Fair’s dairy goat judging event.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie, a lot of community, every year we see a lot of the same faces, and it’s really nice to see new faces join the goat farm,” said Michelle Devita, who raises goats of her own.

The event has become a good way for families to come together and show their hard work. Showing goats is inspired by different situations. In Devita’s case, it bloomed from running a camp where children were able to interact with baby goats.

Sydney Eto, who also raises and shows goats, began after purchasing a few to clear her land. What started out as just two or three soon became around 30 goats.

“One of my favorite quotes from a 4-H leader is: ‘Goats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one,’” Devita said.

“Yup, I agree!” Eto said.

Goats have been a very popular pet, as they’re friendly and have a lot of uses, such as clearing land without damaging it and producing milk. Though not as traditionally kept as dogs or cats, goats can provide just as much companionship.

“They’re almost dog-like, in the fact that they’ll be loyal, and there’s a lot of fun, social dynamics with them, too. They’re just a really fun animal,” said Cassie Angle, who got into showing goats after helping her own kids with a 4-H project.

At this yearly event at the Nevada County Fair, individuals such as Angle, Eto and Devita are able to reunite with friendly faces and expose their children to goat showing. Those who were present and getting ready to show their goats seemed supportive, and would often watch the other animals.

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