Runner witnesses driver discard cigarette carelessly |

Runner witnesses driver discard cigarette carelessly

While on a morning run recently in beautiful Nevada City, where the beautiful people live, I saw a fat woman in a gold-colored GMC Denali SUV stop in front of me on Spring Street and needlessly, carelessly, vindictively (fat women have issues with thin, healthy men that run) throw her cigarette out the window.

When I yelled at her, not too nicely, she waved and merrily drove off. She definitely was not a beautiful Nevada City type person.

The front page of the Sept. 21 issue of The Union read “Red flag fire warning next 2 days.” I wonder if this woman throws her burning cigarettes out her SUV widow wherever and whenever she pleases as she drives merrily about. I wish this woman would think before her carelessness causes a wildfire and untold damage here or anywhere.

Dieter King

Nevada City

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