Run, Sarah, Run! |

Run, Sarah, Run!

Sarah Palin’s speech at the Tea Party convention was a breath of fresh air. There was no politically correct bloviating. She was speaking for the people who want our representatives to follow the U.S. Constitution, stop taking us down the road to a big government utopia, cut spending, stop taxing and regulating us to death and make a strong national defense top priority.

She also outlined what we need to do to make us energy independent. Pursue and exploit our own energy reserves, that are under our feet, while building nuclear plants.

We would have to reopen the waste site at Yucca Mountain to get this done. (President Obama forgot to mention this in his State of the Union.) Renewable energy should also be a part of a comprehensive plan. These endeavors would provide real jobs for our citizens.

The liberal-progressives have tried to destroy her, but guess what? She’s back.

Picture if you will, President Obama’s advisers that saw Governor Palin’s speech, it probably reminded them of Apollo Creed’s manager watching Rocky Balboa bust ribs in a Philly meat packing house.

Run, Sarah, run!

Paul Martinelli

Grass Valley

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