Road rage led to Highway 49, Brunswick Road wreck, authorities say |

Road rage led to Highway 49, Brunswick Road wreck, authorities say

The Union staff

Authorities say road rage led to a Thursday afternoon wreck on Golden Center Freeway at Brunswick Road, sending the suspect to the hospital with major injuries.

Lawrence C. Alexander, 46, of Smartsville, is accused of colliding his white Chevrolet pickup truck into the victim’s gray Dodge pickup. The collision sent both vehicles off-road, with Alexander’s pickup striking a tree before stopping, California Highway Patrol reports state.

The 28-year-old victim reported no injuries to officers, authorities said.

The incident began Thursday afternoon on Highway 20, west of Harmony Ridge Road. The victim’s vehicle was in front of Alexander, who was aggressively tailgating the Dodge, reports state.

Alexander began to pass the victim as they approached Brunswick, turning his pickup into the Dodge’s path and striking it around 4:20 p.m., CHP said.

Alexander’s pickup hit a tree. An ambulance took him to a hospital with major injuries, reports state.

The victim told officers he saw a weapon brandished, though none was found, CHP said.

Alexander faced no charges on Friday, with authorities citing his injuries and the continuing investigation into the crash.

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