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Rincon del Rio would only serve rich senior citizens

I read your article “Envisioning a better life for seniors” about the Rincon del Rio development. Few Nevada County residents could afford to live in this upscale senior development. As a result, probably most seniors who will live there will come from the metropolitan areas.

Carol Young is developing her property for money, not for the good life of the seniors. A senior development allows the highest density possible. The Young family tried to sell this property about five years ago unsuccessfully.

Yes, it is a beautiful setting, but it is a rural setting away from all the amenities for senior citizens.

The proposed development will access Highway 49 at an intersection without a light. The back exit will be a very windy road. The noise neighbors are concerned about are the sirens of emergency vehicles coming to the aid of the elderly residents.

Most neighbors moved to the rural area to be in a quiet rural setting. Carol Young plans to have a small city on this site. Already, have they changed the density from one house per five acres to one house per three acres!

Now they are proposing an amendment to the RA zoning, which will affect the whole of Nevada County. If they are successful in doing this, the rural feel of Nevada County can change completely. Anyone can get this kind of development next door because no one will be protected by the RA zoning and this will extend to the R1 zoning areas, as well.

I urge you to write your supervisor that you do not want this amendment to the RA zoning.

S. Rauwendaal

south Nevada County resident

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