Review: ‘Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun’ travels back in time |

Review: ‘Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun’ travels back in time

“Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun ” by Leonide Martin, a review

With the approach of the year 2012 an unusual astrological alignment will signal the end of the Maya Calendar and the beginning of the age of the Fifth Sun, bringing with it a considerable shift in human consciousness. This is the theme of Leonide Martin’s first novel, “Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun,” framed around messages sent by ancient Mayan spiritual figures to Jana Sinclair, an emergency room nurse living in Oakland, California in 2003. A reoccurring dream followed by exploration and meditations reveal Jana’s vital role in ensuring the success of this momentous transition.

Intricate and mysterious, the novel takes the reader time-traveling through Jana’s dreams and visions into secret Mayan rituals and ceremonies during the period from 376 CE to 910 CE when the culture flourished throughout areas of Guatemala, Beliz, and the Yucatan in Mexico. Alive with ambitions and struggles, the Maya built archeologically sophisticated cities and temples while the heart of their culture was protected and celebrated by their holy Priests and Priestesses. Yalucha, an early Priestess, leads Jana to the Maya ruins and her destiny through visions and a series of coincidences that will resonate with readers who seek to understand the world of spirit, dreams and the unknown.

What is obvious is that Leonide Martin is a researcher of Maya civilization who is closely involved with her subject. According to Maya scholars, her details and her speculations about the cultural and spiritual life of the Maya are insightful and accurate. Martin, a former Nevada County resident who currently lives in Merida, Mexico, on the Yucatan, is an ordained Priestess of Isis and Maya Solar Initiate. She has written “Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun” as if she has lived with the Maya and she yearns to bring to the 21st Century the awareness of caring for the Earth rather than destroying it. The timeliness of her novel, the excitement of moving through many centuries and dimensions, the gentle resolve and internal strength of her principal characters…all make “Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun” a worthwhile read.


Judith McCarrick lives in Nevada City.

(Editor’s note: The book may be ordered online at and or ask your local bookstore to place an order.)

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