Reinette Senum: Youth should not let Grandma and Grandpa determine their future |

Reinette Senum: Youth should not let Grandma and Grandpa determine their future

Before I begin, let me apologize in advance to all the grandparents. What I have to say is not a slight against your wisdom, experience, or age. My words are a cry out to our youth. This is for them. This is about their future. So please take my words with a grain of salt.

What I have to say is for those who are of voting age; in their late teens, early twenties, and, yes, I am at the age where I can now include the youth as those in their thirties.

What I have to say is, Get Out! Get Out and Vote, for God’s sake!

Do you realize it’s your grandparents who are still driving the car? Do you realize that if you don’t speak up and do something (aka vote) then the car will never go in the direction you desire and deserve?

And did you know that if we all took action at the local level, community after community across the nation, that we could change the world virtually overnight? No. I am not exaggerating.

Do you realize there are some grandparents out there who gleefully don’t want your hands on the steering wheel? That there’s those who are content knowing you don’t care for the system, are disenfranchised and think the system is so rigged that your vote doesn’t make a difference; allowing them to win the numbers game over and over by simply casting more votes than your peers?

Yes, I do know the game is rigged. Read my Facebook posts and you’ll know that I know that. Yes, I know things are stacked against us particularly at the state and national level. But I also know, from personal experience that, yes, you can make a huge difference at the local level. I know that our sphere of influence is most powerful right around us: literally at our fingertips.

And did you know that if we all took action at the local level, community after community across the nation, that we could change the world virtually overnight? No. I am not exaggerating. If we all conspired for good (yes, I am using the “C” word) … if we all conspired to engage and vote … to get politically active, and damn fast, that we could start driving this car towards prosperity, abundance, and opportunity.

I know that while voting is not the end game, it is a mechanism that slows down a system that seems hell-bent on robbing you and me of our future.

I know you have been wondering who is in charge here? Why is this community, our leaders, and nation going in a direction that makes no sense?

Well, quite frankly, it’s because our “past leaders” are still in charge. They are still sitting where you should be sitting. Debating the decisions you should be making. We should have councils, senates, and board seats full of twenty- and thirty-somethings laying out plans to their prosperous future, but instead we have empty seats and puppets sitting at the council table that have taken up your leadership.

Have I already said, Get Out! Get-Out-and-Vote?

Voting slows down the theft of your future. Voting signals to your grandparents you have things covered and it’s time for them to enjoy the golden years of your making!

And grandparents, please know with all due respect that this will be a blessing for your future as well because the truth is, it is the youth (whether they vote or not) who will be feeding you and changing your diapers in the end. The last thing you want is somebody disgruntled and angry caring for you through your most vulnerable and final days.

I want to go beyond talking about this and many others do as well. So, I personally promise to help you get to the voting booth. Many are committed to making this as easy for you as possible.

Our local League of Women Voters is teaming up with media, including The Union, schools, businesses, groups and individuals to inspire the largest voter turnout in the State of California.

I will be involved in registration events for the youth. I want to see not only the largest voter turnout, but the largest turnout of 19- to 30 year-olds consciously taking control of their community, country, and future.

Let me help you get started. You can go online at and get this car rolling out of the parking lot. Share this link with everyone you know! Then simply take a few minutes out of your day come election time in June and starting shaping your future.

Everything is connected. The decisions, or lack thereof, that we make today is the world that is in store for us tomorrow. So, I implore you, Sign Up, Get Out, and Vote!

Reinette Senum, who lives in Nevada City, is a member of the The Union Editorial Board. Her opinion is her own and does not necessarily represent The Union or its editorial board.

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