Red shirts at town hall meeting were worn by local residents |

Red shirts at town hall meeting were worn by local residents

This is the first time I’ve written a letter to the editor. I felt compelled to answer a letter written on Wednesday, Oct. 14, regarding anti-reformers being bused in to the town hall meeting. I can assure you, those of us in red shirts were not bused in! We are a growing grass-roots Tea Party Patriot group right here in Nevada County. We now have more than 1200-plus members.

Our mission is to be a watchdog on runaway government spending and expansion of government into enterprises that are best left in the private sector. And above all we want the tenets of our constitution to be upheld.

I am not against reforming our health care system. I work in the health care industry and am very much aware that changes need to be made. But I am against pushing through legislation that has not been thoroughly examined and that is fiscally irresponsible.

Many of us believe there are approaches that can reduce the cost of health care and provide services to those that are unable to purchase it for themselves without restructuring our entire health care system. Another government bureaucracy dispensing health care is not the answer.

Diane Carter

Nevada City

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