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‘You and the canvas’: Local artist offered award by KVIE Public Television in Sacramento

Sam Corey
Staff Writer


You can find Sandy Linblad’s work at www.sandylindblad.com

In elementary school, Sandy Lindblad sometimes had difficulty paying attention.

She was always drawing pictures, which were frequently depictions of her teachers.

In the suburbs of Chicago, her instructors weren’t pleased, said Lindblad, but she enjoyed drawing so much it was difficult for her to pay attention to the lesson plans.

Lindblad, an Alta Sierra resident and artist who’s been running Lindblad Studios since 2005, said her parents kept encouraging her to draw.

Having received many awards for her mostly pastel drawings, Lindblad was recently celebrated by KVIE Public Television, receiving a juror award for her art work that was submitted in the figurative category. She was among 29 other award winners.

Her work will be on display at the 38th annual live KVIE Art Auction, appearing for three days beginning Oct. 4 in Sacramento.

Artists from around the Sacramento region and Northern California reviewed 260-plus pieces of art work and awarded the best work, said Sara Kewin Yeffa, marketing coordinator for the public television station. The event’s art categories include figurative, contemporary classics, landscape, photography, sculpture and still life.

“It’s a really interesting and exciting way to see a really broad selection of art from our community,” said Yeffa.

The October auction will be streaming online and broken into half hour increments, said Yeffa.


Before Lindblad was honored by KVIE Public Television (for the second time), she attended an art school in San Francisco.

But she took a break from art after college and taught skiing, she said.

It was only later — when participating in a NorCal AIDS Cycle event — that she decided to transition back to art.

Donating money from her pastel paintings to the nonprofit, she found that people really enjoyed her art — enough so that she could make a living from her pieces.

“People loved my sense of color that I did,” said Lindblad, adding that, aside from pastels, she does acrylic and oil paintings.

The artist said people began commissioning her to draw animals, noticing how much personality she instilled in the cats and dogs depicted on the canvas.

Lindblad particularly enjoys capturing animals because, she said, having grown up with over a dozen in her home as a child, she feels a bond with them.

“They’ll speak to you in the best way they know how,” she said.

Although she’s pleased with her growing accolades, Lindblad said she doesn’t care much for them. Mostly, she enjoys the actual work of painting, which allows fuller access into her imagination.

“Once I get past the first twenty minutes,” she said, “I start getting into it, and I can generally tell how the art work is working out. It just becomes you and the canvas, or you and the board — whatever you’re working on.”

Lindblad’s work can be found in a number of places, including the Sacramento Fine Arts Center’s exhibit Animal House, running from now until Sept. 1, and locally at the Brighton Greens Resource Center.

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