Reality and the Founding Fathers’ so-called 3 R’s |

Reality and the Founding Fathers’ so-called 3 R’s

The Constitution states our Rights to: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, not the three R’s.

Still, a look below the surface, or beyond the spin, of the past 7 1/2 years yields a view of two men’s defilement of reason, suspension of rationality and abrogation of the rights of the American people, not to mention the rights to non- interference of people in many countries throughout the world.

The upshot of that? Financial markets allowed to stake assets at the gambling tables while handing the taxpayer their markers, for payment. Oil companies found that pointing fingers in enough directions leaves the public glassy-eyed; good enough for the prez to pass on any action, other than to perpetuate that industry by opening new drilling locations in an impotent PR “spin” to show engagement and decisiveness, two years after prices began to hobble consumers.

Hmmm, won’t more drilling add to environmental degradation? We have been living with unregulated business and industry for 16 years, and the consumer continues to pay the price.

Mr. DeChaine seems happy with the status quo. I am not, as are other tens of millions of disaffected Americans. I want a future for my children. I no longer want to live in a business-controlled country.

I want to be governed by a president whose faith goes deeper than lapel pins and a daily dose of the Bible. I also want a president who regularly commun- icates with world leaders other than just the G7. A president who uses something more than just money as the linchpin of policy.

In keeping that in mind, I believe it responsible to assess the candidates’ possibilities through more than the same-o, same-o black and white lenses of conservative thought.

Bruce Hayden

Penn Valley

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