Readers concerned about Walgreens’ project |

Readers concerned about Walgreens’ project

Walgreens is planning to open a store on the old Jim Keil site in Grass Valley. It should give us a better project. As has been said by many, we need another drugstore like we need the proverbial hole you-know-where, with Longs and Rite Aid and Raley’s, K-Mart and the many other drug departments in other stores, as well as Spring Hill.

But this is America, and with free trade (if it still exists), Walgreens can come in and run some of the others out. Being the biggest kid on the block, it probably will. But the least it can do is give us a better project than the big box Roseville-type of project it has planned.

Walgreens should follow the design guidelines outlined in the Enos Other Voices article. If Walgreens wants to be here 30 years from now, it must build a project suitable for Grass Valley and the 21st century. With oil at $100 a barrel and going up, the commuter store, the big box surrounded by a parking lot, is going the way of the dinosaurs. Mixed use ” two story; businesses; offices and apartments (employees and seniors) with solar panels; pedestrian, bike and bus friendly, is the future.

Pat Wynne

Grass Valley


The Grass Valley City Council tonight should stand up to the steamroller called the Walgreens’ development proposal. There are many errors in the traffic report that have not been resolved. City residents deserve a completely accurate analysis of the traffic impact before this project is allowed to go forward.

We live behind the Fowler Center and negotiate the Brunswick/Nevada City Highway intersection a few times every day. This intersection is already rated at the failure level during peak periods. It is absurd to claim that changing the timing of lights will mitigate the extra traffic produced by Walgreens. If changing the timing would actually improve the intersection from a “failure” rating, wouldn’t that already have been done? Hey city, why not give that a try right now to see if the traffic flow improves?

The Walgreens’ traffic study is a laugh. The local group, Citizens Concerned About Traffic, has done yeoman’s duty analyzing the errors in that report, and the City Council needs to pay attention. The Walgreens’ study completely ignored three already approved projects in the pipeline that will also create traffic in Glenbrook Basin. Can you say, “trying to pull a fast one on the City?”

Susan Rogers

Grass Valley


I feel Walgreens has the right to build and operate their business here in our community. However, they should follow our guidelines. It should be a building that uses solar power and supports a “green” community. It should address the community standards, needs and style. It’s location and layout should improve traffic flow, not add to traffic concerns.

Vern Brackett

Nevada City

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