Providing the Technological Nneeds of Consumers |

Providing the Technological Nneeds of Consumers

Many of us drive by the Record Connection and think only of music for ourselves and those adorable teenagers, but in the past decade their business has revolutionized to keep up with the fast-paced changes of the television/technological needs of consumers.

Today the Record Connection can design and install entire home automation systems that control everything in the home. A small computer mounted under the kitchen cabinet, in the bedroom and/or family room can regulate the temperature and turn on/off the security system. The music can be dialed in to play in one room or throughout the house. The intercom and home entertainment system can be monitored from these stations as well.

“Integrating a home automation system into new construction is easier than retrofitting an existing home. Ideally, we begin planning basic installation when the home is being framed. This is the best time to design a system for the customer’s specific needs,” Charles Randall, the assistant manager stated. “After the home is framed, we install the appropriate wiring and finish the electronics when the house is near completion.”

Setting up a system is a little more expensive and has more limitations when remodeling, but it is still entirely possible.

Today even your sound system can be installed when building. The size of a speaker does not determine the quality of the sound any more”speakers are incredibly smaller than ever before and can be installed as a flush mount in the ceiling or built-in so they are not visible at all. Though surround sound can almost be deafening in the theaters, it is not so uncomfortably loud when added to a home theatre system.

Record Connection designs and installs home theater systems. For about 80% of families their TV has become primarily a monitor. They subscribe to a cable or satellite source for their programming. Randall recommends you answer some basic questions first before purchasing a home theater system. The most important being where will a system fit in the home? Do I want to dedicate a whole room or incorporate it into an existing family room? How big of a screen do I have space for? Do I need a large screen, small screen, high definition, or plasma? Will the family also be using this for video gaming?

Whatever your choices for home entertainment are, don’t forget to add the reclining sofa and popcorn machine to make the family entertainment center absolutely perfect.

The Record Connection is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 to 6 PM.

455 Sutton Way,

Grass Valley, CA

(530) 272-7434

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