Problem with authority? Or authority becoming a problem? |

Problem with authority? Or authority becoming a problem?

As a young adult in this county I have been able to see the evolution of the law enforcement in this town from a unique point of view. Kids I went to grade school or high school with are now carrying badges and guns.

Unfortunately, for a lot of citizens these young officers also carry grudges. For some, I am proud to know that they will be protecting our streets and bringing peace to the people who defy the rules of society.

It’s a great responsibility to put aside your feelings as a person in order to keep the peace, but that cannot be the intention of all the officers.

On more occasions than I would like to count, my friends and I have been called names, pushed around and generally harassed by officers simply because of their past feelings toward individuals living in this town.

This is a small town. Everybody knows everybody. And to figuratively bend someone’s arm backwards with their hand on their gun simply for the sadistic pleasure of exercising their authority is something that should not be tolerated. Where is the accountability?

Casey Dominguez

Grass Valley

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