Most western Nevada County ballot measures appear headed for passage |

Most western Nevada County ballot measures appear headed for passage

Three local ballots measures appear headed for passage after Tuesday’s election, though a fourth for the Beyers Lane Community Service District is currently failing by only a few votes.

Measure L

According to Nevada County election results, Measure L is currently passing by 600 to 327 votes, or 64.72% to 35.28%. If passed, it would turn the Nevada City offices of city clerk and city treasurer into appointed, not elected, positions.

Nevada City Mayor Erin Minett, Vice Mayor Duane Strawser, former City Council member Valerie Moberg, and City Clerk Niel Locke filed an argument in favor of Measure L. The argument states that government employees, like the city clerk and treasurer, need a comprehensive understanding of the specific skillsets required to meet the needs of those positions.

Measure M

A half-cent sales tax initiative for Nevada City, Measure M appears headed to passage with 822 to 133 votes, or 86.07% to 13.93%.

Its passage, which requires a two-thirds vote, would extend the sales tax currently set to expire at the end of 2022.

The tax is expected to generate $550,000 annually for streets, sidewalks, pathways, water distribution, sewer collection and street drainage.

The Nevada City Council will continue to have control over the tax revenue, but Measure M requires the governing body to file an annual report on the use of the tax proceeds. The measure also requires the council to form a Citizen’s Oversight Committee. In a letter submitted to the Nevada County elections office, current and former members of the Nevada City Council indicate that the extension of the tax would give the city the ability to devise a 10-year infrastructure improvement plan.

Measure N

A Grass Valley cannabis business license tax looks like it will pass.

Measure N has 2,253 “yes” votes to 1,390 “no” votes, or 61.84% to 38.16%.

The measure proposes initial rates for each type of business — cultivators, processors, merchants and deliverers.

Mayor Lisa Swarthout and Council Member Howard Levine wrote the ballot argument in favor of the tax. Swarthout and Levine said the measure will ensure that those in the cannabis industry pay their fair share for city services.

No cannabis businesses are currently allowed in the city.

Measure O

A measure that would increase the annual parcel tax for the Beyers Lane Community Service District appears headed toward failure.

Measure O received two ballots in favor and five ballots against the increase.

The measure’s proponents believe the parcel tax is necessary for continued road maintenance of the district. The tax increase is intended to compensate for population growth and inflation.

The tax is estimated to raise $19,200 each year. Roads affected in the district are mostly gravel and non-asphalt, meaning their maintenance involves a small tractor laying and smoothing gravel and the use of heavy equipment grading the roads’ base and contours.

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