Planning for the Future? Plan it Solar |

Planning for the Future? Plan it Solar

Pop Quiz for Property Owners:

Which of the following reasons most accurately describes why you own your property?

A) independence, security

and financial benefits

B) Because I love the

paperwork involved

C) to bother my neighbors

D) needed a hobby

E) all of the above

We’re guessing that most of you answered “a)”. It’s easy for most

folks to understand that when you own your own property you have more freedom and control over your surroundings, as well as the security that you have a place to stay. But what makes it easy

to accomplish is the ability of a renter to finance a home while keeping the monthly payments close to what they already pay in

rent.When the property is eventually sold or used for equity, homeowners are essentially turning a profit on the very same money

they used to be giving away as renters. But as a successful property owner you already knew that, right?

What you might not know is this: the concept of solar is the exact same.

Due to rising power rates and proactive legislation, since the year 2000 we have been at a point where you can now purchase a

solar system, sales tax-free, for the same monthly cost, or less, that you already pay PG&E. In addition, the entire cost of the solar

system is immediately added to the value of the property, thereby allowing you to recoup the original investment when the property is

sold.The profit is all the money you save off your utility bills in the meantime.That means you don’t have to be committed to a

property for 10 years to see a return on investment. Selling in five years? Then early payback occurs when the next owner buys

your solar property. Oh, and did we mention that the increased value is property tax exempt for systems installed before 2006?

If you can afford PG&E power, then you can afford solar power. If you’re interested in turning a profit on the money you currently send to PG&E, call Plan It Solar today for a free site visit and financial

analysis. At Plan It Solar we can show you how to spin your utility meter backwards, clean up the air, help prevent blackouts,

conserve resources, improve national security and laugh all the way to the bank, all at the same time.

For More Information Contact:

Plan It Solar

Phone: (530) 432-3776



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