Personal trainers get flab going |

Personal trainers get flab going

Movie stars are not the only people with personal trainers.

Nevada County residents are turning to them for fitness discipline, education and nutrition. Others tell the trainers they are either too embarrassed to be in a gym alone or just sick of indignant stares.

Scott Jackson opened Real Life Fitness to meet the market after teaching physical education at Nevada Union and Bear River high schools for almost 25 years. He runs it out of a small gym in Nevada City and does house calls.

“I wanted to be efficient with the training and focused with them, with no interruptions,” Jackson said. He thinks there are several reason why business is good.

“People don’t know how to do it,” Jackson said, “and if you have an appointment, you’re going to keep it.”

Some people just don’t want to be seen in a dirty pair of sweats and others need specific instruction to heal injuries, Jackson said.

Gayle Lossman does personal training for the South Yuba Club and says it is not for everyone. Some people will always have the drive and discipline to get into shape.

“But sometimes people go to a gym alone and nothing happens because they don’t know what they’re doing,” Lossman said. “We find out what you want to do and we’re trained to motivate you and to let you know that any goal you set is accomplishable.”

Lossman said “you have to pay extra for personal trainers, but most people, if they pay the money, they’ll stay on track.”

One person who paid to stay on track with Lossman was Carole Carson, the queen of this year’s Nevada County Meltdown, the community fitness project that attracted about 1,000 people who lost nearly a ton of weight.

“I justified the money by saying it’s money I wouldn’t spend on medical costs,” Carson said. “I had an injury (hamstring) and it would have been dangerous for me to go out on my own.”

Carson also wanted to train with someone in her 60-something age bracket.

“I didn’t want a little bimbette,” she said.

“She introduced me to weights, and I never would have done that myself,” Carson said. It allowed her to reach a dress size smaller than when she was in college.

Lossman taught her to lose weight with humor “and just looking at her, I said, ‘I want to a have a figure like hers.'”

Carson also said making an appointment to meet a trainer motivated her.

“You follow through,” Carson said. “You can break a date with yourself.”

Scott McIntosh at Courthouse Athletic Club uses personal trainers “because there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t come in otherwise. It’s more education, it’s not just standing there watching someone lift weights,” McIntosh said. “Nutrition is a big part of the equation.”

For personal trainer Alix Rager of Zone Fitness, nutrition has become the major part of her business equation.

“I start with the diet,” Rager said. “You can hurt them by just working them out.”

Although Rager does exercise regimens and plans, “I’m making a larger impact through nutrition. Once you have someone properly nourished, they can be a lot stronger and go a lot further” with exercise.

“It’s been very helpful to me,” said Pearce Boyer of Rager’s program. “It’s about removing carbohydrates from bread and pasta and getting them from fruits and vegetables.”

Boyer said, “she could look at how I was built at 58 and could say ‘here’s where you can go and how you can do it’ and prescribe the right nutrition and exercise.”

Places to find personal trainers

– Real Life Fitness


– Zone Fitness


– South Yuba Club


– Courthouse Athletic Club


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