Paul Honatke of Grass Valley |

Paul Honatke of Grass Valley

Describe your art: My paintings include a wide range of styles and genres, but mainly fall into the abstract category. Underlying all of my work is a loose drawing style combined with rich gradations of primary color.

How long doing it? I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. I began focussing on painting in high school and have continued since then. That’s a few decades!

Why do you do it? I’m forever fascinated by the simple act of creating. The subtleties of line and color are truly limitless and powerful. I make art because no one else can quite represent the way I imagine things, and also because I always want to make the next painting better than the one before.

What do you hope to accomplish? Artistically I want to convey my message, whether it’s a general message of visual beauty or a more particular feeling or mood. In terms of practical accomplishment, I hope to be able to support myself by being immersed in creative, absorbing projects.

Does my art convey a message? My figurative work frequently portrays women in meditative thought. Basically I’m examining what it is to be consciously human. I think that considering a work of art or nature frees us from the outside world and puts us in touch with our true selves. I always compare painting to music; it’s transcendent.

Where do you want to be with this in the future? I want to be making better,more challenging art.

Any special training required? I also do digital art. For that you obviously need some technical knowledge. With painting, you can certainly learn some basics and some tricks, but I think it’s mostly intuitive. I learned a few things at art school, but mostly I remember it as four years of painting without distractions (girls and parties notwithstanding).

Favorite part? When a piece is well underway and the work flows. And the surprises and happy accidents that happen along the way that can lead a painting where you didn’t expect it to go.

Least favorite part? Marketing and promotion.

Time it takes? Varies widely. I’ll frequently revise a piece that’s been done for a long time, months or even years. Some paintings begin and end on the same day.

Is it hard to do? Yes and no. I find it a struggle at times and effortless at other times. It can be a tedious chore and it can be an absolutely joyful experience.

Persistence is a definite requirement, in both production and promotion; but if you love it you keep going. It is hard to make a living, especially when you’re creating work that may be considered “beyond the norm.”

Other comments: My next show is at the new South Pine Café from July 18th to August 31st, 660 Auburn Folsom Road in Auburn (745-0262); 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. It’s a beautiful new restaurant with South Pine’s excellent food.

Along with my canvasses, I’ll be featuring over twenty small painted tiles in a wide variety of styles. Most of these center on the “feminine mystique” but each is unique in subject. Very fun. It’s a great opportunity for collectors to pick up an affordable piece or two.

Visit my Web site ( to see all of my work including photography and digital work.

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