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Osteopath focuses on solutions to pain

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Osteopathic manual medicine, biodynamic osteopathy and neural/trigger point therapy. Although I treat a wide range of conditions in people off all ages, my practice has a primary emphasis on the treatment and resolution of acute and chronic pain.

While most osteopaths are family physicians or provide care within the various medical specialties, I focuses on a more traditional practice, which allows me to diagnose and treat with a hands-on approach.

The goal of traditional osteopathic medicine is to assist the body in healing itself. This is done through various manual techniques that address the body’s structure, thereby improving the body’s ability to function.

My practice combines osteopathy with neural therapy. Neural therapy is based on the theory that any kind of trauma can produce “interference fields,” or long-standing imbalances in the electrochemical function of various tissues throughout the body which can result in illness, chronic pain or other dysfunction.

After much research, it was discovered that local anesthetics of the “caine” family could also be used to correct these imbalances. Neural therapy involves the injection of tiny amounts of procaine (the numbing medicine commonly used in dental offices) into very specific sites on the body as a means of correcting these “interference fields.”

The use of neural therapy along with osteopathy offers an extremely safe and effective way to manage a wide variety of conditions, especially acute and chronic pain.

I have been in practice for 13 years and in Nevada county for three and a half years.

My approach combines traditional osteopathy and neural therapy, which allows me to find and treat the underlying cause of a wide variety of conditions, including those that were previously thought untreatable.

I also use a variety of very powerful homeopathic remedies developed in Italy specifically for the treatment of chronic pain. Treatments vary for each person and are customized based on the patient’s unique needs.

I am covered by most insurance companies. I am a nonparticipating provider: Patients pay at the time of the visit, and we give them an insurance form that they can submit to their insurance provider. The insurance company will then reimburse the patient directly.


I graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995. Upon graduation, I won the 1995 James Jealous award for Excellence in Osteopathy.

I then completed a year rotating internship at the Community Hospital Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

I went on to practice and study for eight years with Dr. James Jealous, the founder and primary teacher of biodynamic osteopathy in the world.

Stephanie Nani, D.O.

• 303 S. School St.

• Grass Valley, CA 95945

• (530) 271-5711, DoctorNani.com

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