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Orthopedic Services expands in Grass Valley to help meet demand (sponsored)

Whether it is a dull ache or a searing throb, most adults will feel the discomfort of joint pain at some point in their life. In fact, more than 54 million Americans are living with arthritis — the leading cause of joint pain. Among that group, nearly half have pain so severe that it limits their daily activities.

Joint pain can be caused by injury to the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joint or by joint inflammation. Such inflammation is typically associated with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Joint pain can also be accompanied by redness, swelling, tenderness, warmth and weakness.

Shoulders, ankles, knees and elbows can all be sites for joint pain. Sometimes rest and anti-inflammatory medications can resolve the cause of the pain. However, oftentimes, medical intervention is needed. This is especially true in cases of advanced arthritis.

Given that the likelihood of arthritis increases as we age, it is not surprising that in Nevada County, where 30 percent of the population is over the age of 60, joint pain is a common complaint.

In addition to the age of Nevada County residents, activity level also plays a big role in the region’s need for orthopedic services. Outdoor ventures like skiing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking carry a high risk of injury.

Angela Sheehan, business manager for surgical services at Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, says these factors have created an increasing demand for orthopedic services in recent years. “The need for more orthopedic services in our community has simply exceeded capacity.”

In an effort to help meet that need, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Services joins existing orthopedic providers in the area, Summit Orthopedic Specialists (Drs. Paul Sasaura and Lauren Hansen), as part of a community approach to orthopedic care.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Services is now providing additional orthopedic services to the community, opening a new office that is home to six board-certified independent orthopedic physicians. These doctors have a long history of providing emergency orthopedic care for patients at the Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital emergency department.

Drs. Micah Berry, Ramin Jebraili, and Jay Foley have been practicing in the community and providing services through the SNMH emergency room for years. New physicians recently added to the group include Drs. Mario Luna and Patrick Osgood.

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Services moved from its former location at the hospital to 140 Litton Dr., Suite 110 in Grass Valley; they are now seeing patients at the new location to help accommodate the expanding staff and growing patient base.

The new, larger office features seven patient care rooms. The goal of the expansion is to help improve access to advanced orthopedic care for the community.

They provide general orthopedic care, as well as sub-specialized surgeries, joint reconstruction (including shoulder, hip, and knee) and arthroplasty services.

“There is a depth of experience and specialization within our team which allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to total orthopedic care,” said Berry. “There is a large and growing need for well-trained surgeons given the population and the active lifestyles in Nevada County residents. We are proud to bring the experience and skills of our expertly trained surgeons to the community.”

Orthopedic surgery is performed locally at both SNMH and the Grass Valley Surgery Center. Physical therapy services are provided through private practices throughout the community.

Through this array of services, patients are able to get comprehensive, high-quality care close to home.

With the added physicians now in place, the hope is that more people living with joint pain will access the orthopedic services that can bring them relief.

Knowing when a sore joint needs medical attention can be tough, but in general, doctors agree that if the pain is interfering with your quality of life, it probably needs attention.

Other signs you should talk to a doctor about your pain:

— The pain intensifies when you rest

— The pain affects your ability to move normally

— The joint is swollen, bruised or deformed

— There are signs of infection (redness, inflammation, fever)

If joint pain does not resolve after a few days of rest and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, talk to your physician.

To find an orthopedic doctor accepting new patients, call 530-274-6607. A physician referral may be required.

All physicians providing care for patients at SNMH are members of the medical staff and are independent practitioners, not employees of the hospital.

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